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How to setup your Aliexpress Affiliate ID and earn affiliate commissions?

To start earning Aliexpress affiliate commissions using your Shopify store, follow this guide:

  1. Visit the admitad affiliate network website and make sure to create an account as a Publisher and fill in the information.


After clicking register, Admitad will send you an email. Go to your email inbox to click the link below to verify your account.

  1. You will be taken to a new page. Check the boxes and click Continue.


    Then, you will need to select a program to join.

    Select the country to where you will sell (you can select multiple countries), and also select Online Stores as a Category and click Next.


    You will then be required to choose where you want to earn money. Select Website and click Next


    Specify your choice below.

    Select Dropshipping and click on Next


    On the following page, you can add your store details.

    Enter the name and the complete URL of your store, then choose in the drop-down menu


    After setting everything up, you will be redirected to the Admitad main page.

    Find the AliExpress WW programs and click apply for moderation.


    Click Accept


    You will then need to wait a couple of days for your account to be activated by Admitad.

  2. Once your account has been approved and you successfully joined the AliExpress program, go to the My Programs page.

    Find AliExpress program WW and click the get the link.


  1. Extract your affiliate ID from the end of the affiliate link and copy it
    (You just need the part with letters and numbers, as the image below)


  1. Go back to the Expressfy dashboard,
    Visit the settings page and scroll down to the affiliate settings section,
    Enable the Aliexpress "enable" affiliate switch and paste your affiliate ID on the affiliate ID field, and click on save.


  1. Visit your "import list" from the expressfy dashboard

    Select a product you want to earn an affiliate commission for, and change the "Where to sell" value to "Aliexpress", save the page.


  1. Make sure that your affiliate link is set correctly by clicking on "Check link":


Watch the video below to learn how to set up your affiliate ID on Expressfy:

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